Step into History and Faith: Explore Christ Anglican Church in Charming Port Stanley, Ontario!

Welcome to Christ Anglican Church in Port Stanley, Ontario – a place of history, faith, and community spirit!

Step into our historic church, established in 1845 along the picturesque riverfront of Port Stanley. Admire the beauty of our church with stunning stained glass windows and lovingly maintained and crowned by a remarkable 400lb bell imported from Troy, NY in 1854, announcing news and blessings across the village.

Inside and out, Christ Anglican Church welcomes all with open arms. Our congregation is a diverse tapestry of believers coming together in worship, song, and outreach programs to strengthen our community in the love of God.

Join us for our weekly services, a sanctuary for spiritual growth and connections with like-minded individuals. Every Sunday, starting at 9:30 AM Spring/Summer & 10:30 AM in the Fall/Winter, our main service is a cornerstone of unity, featuring prayers, scripture readings, sermons, and uplifting hymns of praise. Check out our Facebook page for service and special events details

For the latest service details, including any special events or holiday services, we invite you to connect with us on our vibrant Facebook page. Stay informed and engaged with our church family!

Come experience the warmth and fellowship of Christ Anglican Church in Port Stanley. Whether you seek solace, community, or spiritual guidance, our doors are open wide. Feel free to reach out with any questions – we anticipate greeting you with open hearts and minds.